National Autistic Society

Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) & Asperger Syndrome (AS)

With a wide range of skills and knowledge acquired and performed in the last 13+ years, my experience focuses on working with young people (4-25 yrs) with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and Asperger Syndrome (AS). I have been involved in the development of specialised intervention programmes which have looked at the behaviour and psychological challenges presented by Autistic individuals.

I have been involved in the development and practice of low-arousal approaches which address the examination of antecedents, ecological manipulation, interpersonal styles, consequences which might be potential triggers to the on-set of behaviours of concern. I have been involved in the delivery of training for staff in-service and in other services outside the organization, in the use of non-aversive strategies to the management of challenging situations and more specifically behaviours of concern.

I have been involved in an advisory role, in the development of software programmes in the analysis of behavioural patterns namely CareSys | SERS (Significant Events Recording Systems). These software packages assist professionals in the analysis of patterns and trends of behaviours.

Furthermore my role as a Chartered Principal Practitioner Psychologist and Clinical Lead within the Therapies Lead Team (TLT) has always ensured a pro-active approach in all types of situations allowing greater scope for more meaningful activities for clients and their families/carers. Working on their strengths and talents rather than focussing on their difficulties and deficits, has been the core of my work, ensuring that support, advice, choices and empowerment are always at the forefront of every therapeutic and clinical program offered.

The use of Drama, Yoga, Performing Arts as therapeutic and educational tools have encouraged the development in different areas including self-esteem, self-presentation, dealing and coping with anxiety, frustration and stress, emotional self-regulation and social skills both with social communication and social interactions.

I have promoted the use of Sport & Exercise Psychology with individuals on the ASC as a way to facilitate harmony between the mind and the body and as a way of reaching a balanced arousal levels for optimal human performance.