Resources for Performing Artists

Wellbeing & Wellness:

2020 Healthier Dancers’ Program | One Dance UK: Returning to Dance Activity: Physical and Mental Preparation to Returning to Dance: ODUK Returning to Dance

2020 Healthier Dancers’ Program | One Dance UK: Series 1- Webinars on Maintaining Well-being during CV-19: ODUK Link

2020 British Psychological Society : Advice for Athletes Guidance: The Guidance Link

A range of resources from Charity Mind: Link

The British Psychological Society: Link to BPS

Top Tips and Ideas to Stay Healthy & Nurture Wellbeing:

Activities Sheet Template: 

  1. Gratitude Journal | Letter: Gratitude Journal | Letter
  2. Learning from Gratitude Journal: Learning from Gratitude Journal
  3. Acts of Kindness: Acts of Kindness
  4. Action Plan Sheet: Action Plan Sheet
  5. Individualised Activity Scheduling Sheet: Individualised Activity Sheet

Mindfulness Resources:

Distance Learning: